Rock’D is proud to sponsor Dead Fervor.

Dead Fervor is an American Rock Band. As lead Singer X puts it, “Rock needs to be on top once again. We wanted to put some guts back in Rock n Roll, it needs to feel a little dangerous again.” By combining some of the top musicians in the region, it’s clear that is exactly the direction DF is heading.

The guys in Dead Fervor have shared the stage with legends such as Cinderella, Tesla, Quiet Riot, KIX, Skid Row, Saliva, Candlebox, Hookers & Blow and many, many more.

By blending influences of 70’s, 80’s and today, they have created a sound that’s truly unique to only them. The Dead Fervor name represents passion, love of music, overcoming trying times to rise up and never be told no. “We had to burn in the ashes before we could rise.” – Dead Fervor

Lead Vocals – X

Guitar – Jaremy Jess

Guitar – J-Rod

Bass – Jason

Drums – Atty